Monday, 19 November 2012


I have just found the ultimate Chili recipe book.

The Chili Year Book has 52 recipes, one for each week of the year.  It is clearly written and bound to lay flat on the worktop.  The recipes are varied, delicious and easy to follow for even a modest cook using chicken, mince, fish, and vegetarian ingredients.

At only £ 8.99 it makes a very acceptable Christmas present.  As your local bookseller.

Saturday, 17 November 2012


I have posted some of my Advent Calendar quilts on E-bay so that, if you want you can buy them using your paypal account.

I got another commission for a baby quilt today.  This is a little boy due in January, so that makes two I need to make as soon I have pt the finishing touches to my most recent Advent Calendar.

Keep a watch on here for some more new items coming in the Spring.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

It's been a busy week this week.  I got a special order which needed to be ready for collection on Wednesday so I have been working flat out.

Just had a call from our eldest son who is coming to visit this weekend.  His wife and sons are being tasken to a caraven in Scarborough by the other Grandparents and as our son says, "You wouldn't get me in a caravan at this time of the year."

I shall have to make a cake.  Talking of cake, I haven't made my Christmas Cake yet.  I usually make it in February and put it in the freezer to mature but this year it just didn't work out.  Never mind, I'm sure it will still be scrummy.

We have acclimatised to the English weather again which is just as well as it has been dull and rainy today.  We've been up to Gloucester this afternoon for various things and it was a successful visit.

My tea's ready now so I am going to sign off.

Bless you all. G