Saturday, 21 July 2012


Harry Barnett of Barnett's Laptop Hoops asked me to send him some photos of me quilting using my hoop.  I had hoped to send some of me sitting under our ancient apple tree while it was covered with blossom but, unfortunately, the weather deteriorated during June and most of July so I finally got to do the photos today.

I love my Barnett's Laptop Quilting Hoop.  It enable me to quilt where ever I choose.  I brought it back from the States last September in an Amazon sack.  I could not believe how easy it was to get it through.  The bottom is covered with magnets to enable attachment to the floor stand but they did not activate the x-ray machine at the airport nor did they even ask me whatever I was carrying in a blue and yellow sack!  It stowed easily in the overhead luggage rack and made the 10 and three-quarter-hour journey from Seattle quite safely.

I call this quilt Diamonte Dill's Dazzling Diamonds.  I made it after a workshop using all scraps of material and a few fat quarters.  It now resides on our bed during the summer.

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