Thursday, 26 July 2012


It's so hot and humid here today that quilting was not the most popular past time here at Woodbine Cottage Quilts;  making Loganberry Sorbet was more the thing.

I love it here in the country.  From the guest room I could see Farmer Wilcox cutting his hay.  Driving up and down, up and down the field.  by the time the early evening had come he was baling.

We have all the windows open and the smell is delightful.  He will continue until the dusk is so dusky that he won't be able to see in spite of his strong headlights.  When I used to work it was an eerie thing as I drove home to see the tractors going up and down the field with their headlights picking out the way.

With our weather you have to make the most of every day of sunshine to get the harvest in.

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