Monday, 6 August 2012


Interesting day today.  Book Club coffee morning at Berry Blue in the village centre.  It’s a new and the only cafe/restaurant in our village and is superb.  We decided to lunch there just to see if it would be a good venue for our Diners’ Club.

The food is really good and reasonably priced.  They stay open until 10 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and serve a Bistro menu but you have to take your own wine and they have the cheek to charge corkage of £ 3.50!  That’s a bit naughty when they don’t have a licence.

We  walked the mile down and back and then walked down to Mill Cottage for the MU garden party.    The weather has been really odd today again.  When the sun was out it was very, very hot, when it rained it threw it down.  What is going on with our Summer?

This afternoon I witnessed a Sparrow Hawk catch a Sparrow and fly off with it in its tallons.  That was gruesome.

 I've been so busy today visiting and having fun that I am ashamed to admit I have done no sewing at all so, now it’s the Choir debate, shall we go to practice or not?  Mmmm?  What would you do with all those exciting Olympics to watch?

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