Sunday, 26 August 2012


After Church this morning and preparing lunch I took myself off to my sewing room and finished the quilting on the cot quilt.
I'm really pleased with the result.  Spent this evening tying off and darning in all the ends.  Loose ends will work their way out when the quilt is washed so I make sure all ends are notted and then darned into the wadding layer.
The weather has been better today and I managed to get two loads of laundry dry outside.  I don't usually approve of hanging washing out on a Sunday but the weather has been so bad lately that I made an exception today and was rewarded with a basket full of lovely soft, dry washing.
It's a Bank Holiday tomorrow so life will be quiet here.  We never venture out on Bank Holidays as the traffice is usually so bad.  This weekend is usually the worst as it is the last Bank Holiday before the schools go back in September, and, indeed, the last Bank Holiday we get now until Christmas.
Saying that it will be quiet tomorrow, I hae invited a recently widowed friend for lunch.  Think I'll do Pork Medallions with Mustard, Wine and Orange Juice with a Plum Crumble for desert.  The main course is from my lovely 1080 Recipes book which has been transalted into English from the original Spanish and which contains some very tasty recipes.
Thought this photo of a meal made from my 1080 Recipes book would make a change from another photo of a quilt. 

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