Wednesday, 8 August 2012


It’s been plums all the way here today.  Yesterday My Beloved picked 19lbs of plums while I was out. 

Honestly, you can’t leave him home alone or he gets into mischief.

Today he has been making Plum Chutney and I have spent the afternoon halving and stoning the remaining plums.  I shall make Plum and Courgette Soup from the recipe in my Pike Place Cook Book and then stew and freeze the rest.

The harvesting season is really here now and I picked, shucked and froze peas and broad beans and then picked Runners and French.  We will freeze these as per the method which seems to work well giving crisp, green beans with a good flavour as opposed to the “boiled washing” flavour I used to get when I followed all the rules and blanched, cooled and froze our produce.

I have done some sewing today.  I've finished the Ladybug wall hanging and will publish a photo shortly.  I have also begun quilting another Advent Calendar. 

I find quilting so relaxing.  I even quite enjoy darning in all the loose ends on my work or perhaps that's just an excuse to get me out of amy more produce processing this evening. ;-)

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