Sunday, 12 August 2012


  We went to The Black Horse at North Nibley today and had the roast.  It was superb.  However, we had a good giggle when we read their Tapas menu.  Tapas are served in the evenings and one or two of the delicacies on offer were as follows:-  Gambas con Ajo Petrolio, (Prawns with garlic and petrol), Calamares Porfundo Frito, (Deep Fried Squid).  Profundo means profound or deep as in deep thinker, petrolio is obvious.  Clearly someone had taken and English/Spanish Dictionary and literally translated the dishes word by word instead of using their head or even looking the dishes up in a Spanish CookBook, or even online.

I have spent the rest of the afternoon finishing off my Train Advent Calendar a photo of which is posted on this site.

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